At the Hadrian Hotel

At the Hadrian Hotel

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Building the World - in Dubai

Originally uploaded by Chris Tengi.
Last week, a co-worker of mine clued me in to a link he found on reddit. Actually, he sent an IM saying "Check out Google Earth GPS coords 25.221996 55.162076." I did so and found an image of a ship building an island. You can see it on Google Maps as well.

The reddit link pointed to an article at Architecture Portal News talking about the project. It turns out that, if you have enough ready cash, you can actually buy a home there as well. If only...

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Anonymous said...

I've just finished watching a programme on it. And some Irish Investors have bought the Ireland Island. And are Investing millions more in making it look like Ireland.The problem at the moment they say is making fresh water out of the sea water so that they can water the lush grass that they want all over it so it will look like Ireland. Also they are having stones delivered there that are the real thing. Also the amount of boats that are going to be working there are going to work from 4 ports and then passengers are going to be transfered to the Island that they are going to by thousands of smaller boats. It's going to be a bigger marina than one in America. Sorry didn't catch what the name of that one was. They also said in the prog that the engineers are now thinking of an underwater lighting system so that the boats can navigate their way around. The private owners that is. As for the boats that will be working the area will have one of the sat navs that they are working on now So that some sort of taxi service will be followed. I only saw the last 15 mins or so but oh boy it was impressive! So I thought I'd go in search of more information and see how it wass all done. Amazing. Take care, Carmelina UK