At the Hadrian Hotel

At the Hadrian Hotel

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Geocaching: First Time Out

Yesterday, Randee, Mark, and I tried our hands at geocaching. We set up an account at and then did a search for caches in our area. Surprisingly, we found quite a few, 4 of which were in fairly easy walking distance. We chose one in the center of town, put the leash on the dog, grabbed the GPS and headed off. The particular cache we were headed for was "The Redcoats Were Here, The Redcoats Were Here!!" This multi-cache required us to first find a plaque and then use information from the plaque to derive the location of the actual cache.

It took us about 10 minutes to walk from our house to the plaque. As instructed, we did a little math and figured out where we needed to go next. We went there and started nosing around where we knew the cache had to be. It turns out the we all pretty much looked right at it a few times without actually seeing it. Finally, Mark found the cache (a small brown bottle) and we opened it up to take a look at the log inside. There was a list of dates and names, most of which we didn't recognize. However, Mark recognized the names of a few of his school-mates, which was pretty cool. We added the date and our name to the log and put the cache back in its hiding place.

After our success with the first cache, Mark and I decided to try finding a second cache in town. Unfortunately, we weren't quite as successful with this one. After we got home, I realized that the name, "Base-ic Instinct" was the clue we actually needed to find the cache. Mark wanted to go out today to find it, but it rained all day, so we're hoping to give it a go tomorrow....

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lgbsneak said...

I just did one last thursday after seeing this post. I don't have a GPS thouhg, so I just looked it up on google earth and measured from landmarks, and then took a 50 ft rope out and used that. It was just about dead on.